Bags filters with automatic shaking of the bags and discharge into PVC sacks

Bags filters with pneumatic reverse air bags cleaning system

  1. Filter with discharge into a big-bag sack
  2. Filter with dusts discharge into n. 2 roll-off containers with automatic by pass

Cartridge filter with pneumatic reverse air cleaning system

  1. Bags filters with blowing fan reverse air bags cleaning system.
  2. Filter with activated carbon to eliminate solvents
  1. Filter with stainless steel structure and coating by stainless steel metal sheet
  2. Cyclone, filter and smokes connections
  1. Multi-cyclone and bag filter
  2. Multi-cyclone for first gross dusts abatement
  3. Multi-cyclone, bag filter, electro fan, chimney and smoke connections

Filter with an automatic cleaning of the bags in counter current by compressed air, working in negative pressure in service of a plant which produces cereals pellets

  1. Circular decanter for plastics trimmings
  2. Scrubber to clean PET washing fumes
  1. Filter working in negative pressure with reverse air bags cleaning system with blowing fan
  2. Filter working in negative pressure with pneumatic reverse air bags cleaning system
  1. Self-cleaning bag filter with pneumatic reverse air bags cleaning system for dusts coming from steel bars grinding process
  2. Heat exchanger and self-cleaning filter. Both machines are insulated
  1. Bags filter working in negative pressure for aluminium sanding dusts
  2. Filter for steel cutting dusts
  3. System for rolling mill exhaus fumes complete with piping, wet scrubber, fan and chimney
  4. Wet scrubber for rolling mill exhaust fumes

FIDA filters are modular systems composed of:

    • a bags cleaning system which is located at the top of the filter and can be of 3 types:
      • mechanical shaking of the bags by a vibrator
      • automatic “pulse jet” system working by compressed air impulses run by an electronic panel
      • cleaning by a blowing fan
    • a material collecting hopper complete with screw conveyor with gear motor
    • rotary valve with gear motor, by which the collected material is discharged.

Dimension of our filters is different according to the air delivery rate; then, they can be made of galvanized metal sheet or stainless steel of different thickness, according to the characteristics of the product which must be filtered in and to the filter’s final use.

FIDA filter are supplied with protections, ladders to go up on the roof and perimetrical railing for drawing samples, and accessories, that is: fireproof shutters ATEX certified and devices against clogging.

FIDA filters are used in the following different sectors: wood, biomass, pellet, ecology and waste recycling, inerts and mines, mechanics and foundry and present the following advantages:

  • different dimension, material and thickness permit FIDA filters to satisfy the different client’s requirements
  • high efficiency in filtration and separation of dusts
  • low maintenance costs
  • high energy saving