Fida was born to answer to the dusts and chips suction systems requests coming from the Pesaro’s furniture industries during the 60-70 years in Italy.
In the following years, FIDA reached so much experience and capacities to sell to all the Italian market and all over the worlds, widening progressively its own capacity and range of product.
Usually a dusts suction system is composed of a centrifugal fan which suctions dusts and wood chips coming from the industrial workings and convey them to a suitable filtration system.
The aspiration system typically consists of a fan for sucking dust and chips from the woodworking machines and convey them to a suitable filtration system, which can be constituted by a filter or substation for the abatement of the dusts and the subsequent transport to a roll off loader or storage silo.
The wood chips extracted from the silo can be conveyed to a thermal power plant to be burned to obtain an energetic recovery from the production waste.