Bags filters with automatic shaking of the bags and discharge into PVC sacks

Filtering sub-stations with continuous discharge

  1. Substation with pneumatic transport of dusts to a rolloff container
  2. Substation with two dusts suction lines and return-proof dumpers. Dusts are discharged into metallic boxes
  1. Substation with only one discharging dusts line
  2. Substation with roll-off container placed under the substation itself (suitable for space requirements)
  3. Substation working in negative pressure
  4. Substation working in negative pressure with n. 2 centrifugal fans

Bags filters with pneumatic reverse air bags cleaning system

  1. Filter with discharge into a big-bag sack
  2. Filter with dusts discharge into n. 2 roll-off containers with automatic by pass

Filtro a cartucce con pulizia automatica in controcorrente con aria compressa

Bags filters with blowing fan reverse air bags cleaning system.