1. Hot dip galvanized silo starting from the ground with double system to discharge dusts: to feed a boiler – by side screw conveyor to discharge dusts into a truck
  2. Silo with bottom opening to discharge dusts into a truck
  3. Silo with sustaining structure and system suitable both to feed boiler and discharge into a truck
  4. Double hot dip galvanized silos starting from the ground and discharge into a roll-off container
  5. Hot dip galvanized silo with enlarged head (for big filtering surface)
  6. Painted silo with enlarged head starting from ground
  7. Painted silo on legs
  1. Polygonal silo 16 cm storage
  2. Refined wood chips conveyed to the silo and then discharged by a screw conveyor into the pellet machine
  3. Silo for refined product storage
  4. 92 cm silo with extractor and screw conveyors discharging into shredders
  5. Particular view of a silo: extractor with dosing unit and fan for pneumatic transport
  1. Silo on legs suitable for truck transit. The silo is provided with pneumatic reverse air bags cleaning system
  2. Silo with piping for connect to the crushing plant
  3. N.2 silos (60 cm each) with walkway
  4. Silo with reverse air bags cleaning system with blowing fan
  5. Silo on legs to discharge into a truck with pneumatic reverse air bags cleaning system filter, placed on the roof
  1. Circular decanter for aluminium shavings and trimming waste

FIDA silos has got the function of storage bulk materials such as: wood chips, pellets, cereals, ecc.
They have generally a circular section and a modular structure.
They can be on legs or starting from the ground.

Silos have got:
-proper equipment against fires
-doors for internal inspection
-holes for the visual control of the material
-ladder with handrail and balcony to access to the roof built according to the current safety rules
-lower opening for the trucks passing for the loading.

FIDA silos have got the following advantages:
-no maintenance costs
-being modular constructions, you can vary the number of silo’s rings according to the quantity of the material you want to storage in
-the possibility of putting the extraction system you prefer, according to your needs